Injuries can dramatically change your life. Insurance companies and employers typically try to pay you as little as possible. With years of experience representing both insurance companies and employers, we know the “inside details” of how they operate and try to devalue your claim. We can help you maximize your compensation and your recovery. Our personal injury practice includes:

  • Auto Accidents - Cars, motorcycles, trucks, bicycles, and pedestrians

  • Recreational Accidents - ATVs/OHVs, snowmobiles, skiing/snowboarding, and horses

  • Assault - Fist fights, physical abuse, and sexual assault

  • Premises Liability - Dangerous, defective, or other hazardous property conditions

  • Products Liability - Dangerous or defective products

  • Workplace Accidents - Unsafe work equipment and environments, and other work injuries

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Your job is critical to your livelihood and caring for your family. We understand not only the financial difficulties arising from employment disputes, but the emotional toll they can take on you as well. Everyone has the right to be paid properly (and on time), and deserves to be treated with respect in a safe workplace. Our employment practice includes:

  • Wrongful Discharge - Being fired without good cause or in violation of the employer’s policies

  • Intolerable Work Environments - Verbal or physical abuse or harassment; unsafe workplaces

  • Discrimination - Improper treatment based on race, sex, marital status, religion, creed, color, national origin, age or disability

  • Harassment - Verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse; retaliation, etc.

  • Retaliation - Mistreatment due to an employee’s workplace complaints, etc.

  • Non-Payment/Under-Payment - Failure to properly pay all wages on time

  • Time Disputes - Failure to properly track all hours worked

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Your property is probably your largest investment. You have a right to protect it, and to compensation if someone else damages it. Additionally, navigating property issues and disputes with neighbors, homeowners associations, real estate agents, and other buyers and sellers can give rise to technical legal issues that store-bought forms cannot properly address. Let us help. Our property practice includes:

  • Property Damages - Disputes related to someone else damaging your property

  • Easements and Access - Drafting easements and handling easement disputes and other access issues

  • Real Estate Negotiations and Disputes - Issues that arise in buying or selling real estate

  • Covenants - Disputes related to covenants that affect the use or appearance of property

  • Neighbor Disputes - Disagreements with neighbors over property issues

  • Homeowners Associations - Issues like disputes over dues, voting, and covenant enforcement

  • Land Use and Zoning - Compliance with property use ordinances and obtaining permission from government agencies to change or deviate from permissible property uses

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